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Turtles Brownies for Pesach

Growing up in Canada, Turtles chocolates were one of my most favorite treats! My mom used to buy them by the tin and there were always enough for me and my brothers. Turtles chocolate candy is made up of crunchy pecans, gooey caramel and milk chocolate goodness!

So naturally, while I was trying to come up with some creative Passover desserts, I thought of Turtles and how to incorporate them into this holiday. Brownies can very easily be made Passover-friendly and therefore are usually a staple in many homes each year. That’s why I decided to base these Turtles bars on classic brownies.

The first few batches I made to test out this recipe were devoured by my family & friends – even before Passover! That’s how I knew I had a winner.

You can whip these up in a few short minutes and wow your guests this holiday, they’ll never know how easy it was 😉