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DIY Watermelon Pops

Today high schools in Israel are out for the summer!! Woo-hoo!!!

We’re celebrating with the perfect summer treat that ALL ages will enjoy all summer long! These DIY Watermelon Pops are so fun to eat and beautiful to look at. You need a few basic ingredients and a few hours of freezing and your summer day will be complete!


🍉1 large bottle of watermelon flavored juice (or any red juice)
🍉a few chocolate sprinkles
🍉2 containers of plain lightly sweetened yogurt

🍉1/2 bottle of Apple juice
🍉a drop of green food coloring



🍉pour watermelon juice into small cups, 3/4 of the way full
🍉mix in some chocolate sprinkles (to look like watermelon seeds)
🍉cover each cup with plastic wrap and slice a small slit in the middle to center the Popsicle stick
🍉place a Popsicle stick in the slit and freeze on a flat tray for ~1 hour
🍉remove plastics wrap, layer a spoonful of yogurt on top of the frozen juice – refreeze
🍉when the yogurt layer is frozen (about half an hour) mix the apple juice with some green food coloring and pour some on top of the yogurt
🍉freeze for another hour
And Enjoy!!!

Make sure to show us your results!! Tag #mylilyrosebox on your DIY Watermelon Pops photos!