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Chanukah Smores

Tonight is night #5 of #8nights8Bites right here on the blog! Every, night, for the whole Chanukah I’ll be posting a new recipe and ideas for Chanukah! The recipes are EASY, QUICK, and super fun for everyone! Keep checking back here every night and share your creations with us on FB or Instagram with the hashtag #8nights8bites – can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Saturday night of Shabbat Chanukah is always movie night in our house! No school tomorrow which means we can stay up late, eat snacks and popcorn, and just have a cozy night in!

What goes perfectly with a cozy night in, popcorn and movies?

Smore’s obviously!

Crunchy cookie, gooey warm marshmallow, and CHOCOLATE! Thank you very much.

But it’s Chanukah, so I wanted to make these a little more festive. Enter chocolate coins. Perfect! I used the cookie dough from the Paint your own cookies (tomorrows post) but you can also use the froxen pastry dough from the Chanukah cookies post.

We made these tonight right after lighting our Chanukiahs and sat around the candles enjoying this special treat and eachothers company. My oldest son was especially excited to get the job of “roasting” the marshmallows for everyone over the stove top flame.

If you want to make these right away and don’t have time to make the cookies (even the frozen version) you can use regular Israeli tea-biscuits know here as “peti ber” but actually spelled “petite buerre” or ‘small butter’ in French. They work just as well!

All you need for these are some cookies, marshmallows, chocolate coins and skewers.

They come together in minutes and are gone just as fast. No one can resist!! It’s a sandwich cookie at its best.

First, we prepare. We take one cookie and place a coin on top. Then our designated marshmallow roaster puts a marshmallow on a skewer and super carefully roasts it under the flame on the stove, turning until it’s black all around but not completely burnt.

Then we quickly lay the roasted marshmallow on the chocolate coin and using a second cookie squish the marshmallow off the skewer and eat! (careful it’s hot!)

Happy night #5!!