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Plan Less. Bake More

A creative baking experience delivered to you every month,
makes baking new and exciting recipes easier than ever!

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How it works

Lilyrose Bakers Box is a DIY baking experience for everyone. Once a month you will receive a surprise box filled with everything you’ll need to create your own sweet treats. From the pre-measured ingredients to the baking tools, Lilyrose is the perfect way to try out new recipes, learn new techniques and spend quality time with loved ones in the kitchen.


Get your


Prepare the recipe according
to the easy-to-follow instructions


Enjoy your delicious
homemade treats

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Why Lilyrose Bakers Box?

new recipes

Unique and useful
baking tools


incredible desserts

to you

Great family-time

Lilyrose Bakers Box – the perfect gift!

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Choose Your Plan

Choose your subscription from the options below – the single box, 1 or 12 month bundles are great for gifts, and the longer you sign up to the more you save!

Your Baking Box contains all the dry ingredients you need, a step by step recipe card to keep so you can create the recipe again PLUS a baking tool! Just add a few basic fresh ingredients and you’ve got a delicious bake!


139 ₪ 

One time fee


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129 ₪ / Month

* No Commitment
* You save 120 ₪ yearly *

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119 ₪ Monthly

* Up to 12 Installments
* You save ₪ 240

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The Lilyrose Bakers Boxes ship out on or around the 9th of each month
All prices include shipping
You may unsubscribe at any time

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The boxes ship out on or around the 9th of each month.
Order before the 5th of the month and receive this months box

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What our bakers are saying

אז, חיכינו לקופסה של Lilyrose Bakers Box ו… היא הגיעה.. לא היתה לנו סבלנות לחכות לערב חג, והחלטנו להקדים ולהתפנק עם הקינוח המדהים כבר בארוחת השבת. וכמה כיף היה להכין את ההפתעה, יחד עם אביגלי. כמה יפה זה יצא. כמה טעים !!!

אביגיל ואתי זומר

I absolutely loved my box this month-and so did all of our guests at the meals! I can’t wait to see what will come in the future!

Merav Gold

This was so quick and easy, and really impressed my guests!

Tammy Mandel

נהננו מאוד מקופסת ההפתעה, המאפים יצאו טעים מאודדדד! הכל היה ארוז יפה ומפנק. תודה רבה!

אלה זנדני